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We're moving to Washington State the Summer of 2021,

so this is your last chance to get on my books!



Session Pricing

Boudoir Pricing

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April 27th at 7:00pm

April 28th at 7:00pm

May 5th at 7:00pm
May 6th at 7:00pm
May 19th at 7:00pm
May 23rd at 7:00pm

June 5th at 8:00am & 9:00am & 7:00pm
June 6th at 8:00am, 9:00am, 5:30pm & 7:00pm
June 9th at 7:00pm



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2021 Dates for New Mexico!

Looking for Lubbock dates, go here: Lubbock Availability

2021 New Mexico Availability!

We're moving to Washington State Summer of 2021!
So this is the last chance to get on my books!
 Session Pricing
 Boudoir Pricing!
You can find my inquiry form for both on the website under Contact or here -> Contact Form

Dates + Times

May 30th at 7:00am in Tularosa
May 30th at 7:45am in Tularosa

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Ashley Marie's Virtual Photoshoots! Ashley’s Virtual Sessions
for boudoir, couples, maternity + children’s milestones

Wait…virtual sessions? What? That seems unusual? Well, as you may have noticed, everything is a little unusual lately! Nobody’s allowed to go out and photograph others, but the milestones and moments are still happening. What do you do? You let me into your home! Virtually!

Let’s talk expectations!

  • These will not be print quality photos. (I mean you could probably swing cute tiny magnets for your fridge but it will be a little grainy!)
  • These will look best on your phone and online!
  • These are about capturing our current reality, not to take the place of professional photos.
  • This will be a silly experience! Your phone will fall over, your cat will try to show his bumhole to the camera, etc. Just lean in and have fun!
  • These will be in YOUR house or backyard and Ill be in my home (we’re social distancing, we’re not going anywhere)
  • If I make a few of your images black n’ white, it’s because it HAD to be black and white, haha

But what are the benefits?

  • Getting photos of you in quarantine. Show your kids/grandkids (or random strangers) in the future of what you were up to.
  • A great date activity (I mean, what else were you going to do? Watch Netflix? You’re going to run out of shows eventually)
  • A great excuse to really tidy up your house (Or we can ignore the six piles of laundry in your living room, I won’t judge)

Explain the session to me? Using your iPhone, we’ll use facetime to conduct a shoot in YOUR home and/or backyard. I’ll be instructing you on a phone position, lighting, poses, etc and taking the images on my end. It’ll be a lot of work on your end, having to listen to all my instructions and listening to my posing instructions (most likely without being able to see me). Once the session is done, I’ll edit the images and return them via an online gallery within 12hrs!

Please note: If we’re doing a family shoot with children, please understand that these images will be very candid (as trying to get your kid to look at a cellphone without a physical human standing behind it will be very hard!)

Additional Things You Need:

- Lots of books to prop your cellphone on
- Two candles (or heavy low objects) to slide the camera inbetween
- Bonus if you have a phone tripod (not required)
- A lot of patience and good humor! It’s going to be fun and eventful!

Also, I’d love a walk through your home at the beginning of our session to see all the options lighting wise, etc. Just show me the rooms and spaces that you’re wanting me to see! But also realize that I notice picture perfect spots that you may not have even considered if you let me see more!

These are PAY WHAT YOU CAN virtual sessions!
Recommended amount is $20 - $50+

- 30-40minute virtual session (I’ll shoot till I’m confident we got a handful (15+) of images that are good!)
- Online gallery with edited images within 12hrs
- Free download


Booking will open at 8AM on Monday, April 13th



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Small Business Saturday Deals! It's SMALL BUSINESS SATURDAY!!


In celebration of Small Business Saturday, I’ll be offering THREE specials! Feel free to take advantage of one, two or ALL THREE (if you’re able to!). If you’re a past client and book a 30minute session, you’ll be eligible for both deals!!


Deal #1 

My Valentines Couple Portrait Event

Early Access Pricing!


January 11th, 2020

Morning Spots (7:30am - 9:00am) 

Desert Mountain Vibes 

10min. Session

10+ Edited Images

Free Download + Print Release

Valentines Turnaround

If booked today ($40 + tax retainer), your total price will be $60 + tax!

After today, it goes back up to $75 + tax! 


Deal #2

BOGO Sessions!

If you book a 30minute session and pay in full ($230 + tax) for 2020, you’ll receive one free 20minute session ($190 value) to use anytime in 2020. Both sessions must take place in 2020! The 20minute session covers the standard four family members (any additional family members there will be a $15 per person charge!) 


Deal #3

(Yes! You automatically get this deal if you’re a past client who does Deal #2!)

For Past Clients Only!


Book a 2020 session today (I require a 35% retainer in order to officially book a session) and receive a complimentary 3x3 accordion book AND a 2020 year calendar featuring images from your past session(s) (I will use images from your most recent session with me, unless specified).

Accordion book and 2020 calendar will be delivered by December 20th (perfect for a Christmas present!) This deal is only redeemable for booking 30min, 60min or 120min sessions!

* deal doesn't apply to already booked 2020 sessions

Session pricing can be found at 


Want to book one of these deals!? (or all of them!?)

Use my contact form!

Contact Form!


Need to know my travel dates?!

I'm in Lubbock all year round (that's where I live!), but here's where else I'll be for sessions! During these dates, there's no travel fees!


January 10th - 12th



January 18th - 20th

Galveston, TX


April 17th - 20th



April 25th - 27th

Austin, TX


may 15th - 18th



may 30th + 31st

Dallas, TX


June 12th - 15th

Albuquerque, NM


July 17th - 20th



August 7th - 10th

Albuquerque, NM


September 4th - 21st



October 9th - 16th



October 17th - 19th

Albuquerque, NM


November + December dates available upon request. Above dates make change based on wedding inquiries.

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2019 Travel Dates! 2019 Travel Dates 

Current scheduled travel dates (which means no travel fees if the session is booked on one of these dates) Additional travel dates can be arranged (to anywhere) for a travel fee! 

All dates in between these, I’ll be available for sessions in Lubbock, TX! 


August 2nd
Albuquerque, NM / 2 spots left 

August 5th / 1 spot left 
Tularosa, NM

August 17th / 2 spots left 
Cloudcroft, NM

September 8th / 1 spot left 
Dallas, TX 

September 27th & 29th 
Tularosa or Cloudcroft, NM

October 4th 
Tularosa or Cloudcroft, NM

October 6th & 7th / 3 spots left 
Albuquerque, NM

October 18th thru the 20th
Tularosa or Cloudcroft, NM

November 10th
Tularosa, NM

November 23rd & 24th
Tularosa, NM

Christmas deadline cutoff for Lubbock is December 3rd! (Which means sessions need to be completed by the 3rd to get images back in time for Christmas cards, gifts, etc) 

For pricing & my contact form:


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Kailee + Miller's Wedding - Second Shooting for Elizabeth Wells Photography I was lucky enough to get to second shoot for the amazing Beth at Palo Duro Canyon last month!

Make sure you check out her work linked below!

Here are my favorite shots from the day that I took (and edited)! I may have overdone it on this blog, but Kailee + Miller were just absolute perfection. Haha!

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On the Street with Natalie


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Natalie | First Shoot of 2017 |


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Coven Just some favorites from a recent collaboration with Laura Beck Photography ( ) and some gorgeous models and a private residence that was absolutely beautiful! It was a blast!

To see the gorgeous shots that Laura got, click this link -->


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Carissa + Ben | Albuquerque, NM Right before I left on vacation I was lucky enough to photograph this super adorable, super lovey dovey couple on the prettiest day at the prettiest time. Sure, we may have been attacked brutally by mosquitos, but I think it was worth it.


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