🌟Hey Seniors of 2025!🌟

Ready to make your senior year shine with some gorgeous images!? Ashley Marie’s Senior Rep Program is here to make it happen! Don't miss out – applications are due April 20th, 2024!

📸 So, what's the scoop on being a Senior Rep? I'm not sure about anyone else's senior rep program, but my program is all about the photos. Being a senior rep means you're part of a group of seniors (from all different high schools) that represent Ashley Marie Photography for their senior year. You encourage your friends to book with Ashley Marie and you receive incentives in exchange! You'll also get exclusive access to senior portrait dates and the ability to attend 4-6 FREE sessions throughout your senior year!

As a rep, you'll enjoy:

✨ 4-6 FREE sessions throughout your senior year, themed and un-themed (more info below!)

✨ High-res edited images for FREE download (30-40 PER session!)

✨ First dibs on dates for your own senior shoots, including travel locations with discounted travel fees!

✨ Plus, earn a $25 gift card (to whatever store) EVERY time someone books through you!

If you’re under 18, please make sure to obtain parental consent before filling out the application (I'll be reaching out to them to confirm!). Everyone is welcome to apply, but please make sure this is something you want to do! (aka, parents please don’t sign your unwilling seniors up!)

Here's what I'm looking for in a Rep! 🔥🔥🔥🔥

🔥 Passion for creating awesome senior portraits. You have to ENJOY taking photos!

🔥 Decently active on social media! Tiktok, Instagram, whatever whatever. It's all about promoting my business by sharing your images!

🔥 Ready to meet new pals and pretend to be besties! There's ONE required group session. There will be others, but you have to attend at least one!

🔥Be kind and supportive. We respect ALL pronouns over here. We're inclusive to EVERYONE. We NEVER body-shame. Aren't on the same page? We probably won't be a good fit!

Your Senior Rep Responsibilities :

🌈 Post images from your sessions at min. once a week, and tag me. Whether it's in your stories, etc.

🌈 Encourage your fellow classmates to consider booking their senior session with me (You get $25 giftcard per referral, and they get $25 off their session!)

🌈 Sign an exclusivity clause, agreeing to only promote Ashley Marie Photography during your senior year!

🌈 Attend the first group session in May

🌈 Be reliable and on time! There will be driving involved, so having a vehicle or a ride is essential!

🌈 Work with me on outfit suggestions!

Want to know about ALL the sessions you could do!?

Investment: The senior rep program (if selected) costs $400 + tax. Due in full before the first session in May. The value if you take advantage of every single free session, etc. is $2,000 +, so honestly, it's a freaking steal! I am offering one scholarship spot for the rep team to someone who is extremely passionate about photos, but money is the only thing standing in their way! You can apply for that in the application below!


Ready to Apply!? Click here for the application: Senior Rep Application!