Hey! I'm Ashley!


For the sake of not sounding like every photographer out there, I'm going to skip going heavy on the part about how photography is my passion (even though it is), how I've been doing it since I was a child (even though I have been), and how I would love to photograph you (I totally do). And instead talk about all that I am and all that I love.


Apart from photography, my passions include food (cooking + eating it), petting dogs + cats (mine and others), and traveling with my partner. And as much as I love traveling, camping, hiking and exploring, being a homebody playing video games, cuddling my fur babies and watching netflix with my partner is a close second. I love beach combing, collecting mugs, drinking sugar (with a splash of coffee), thrifting and avoiding doing the dishes. I smile a lot. And I get louder and louder the more I talk. I mention the weather a lot, because I'm awkward, but I'll make up for it with pretty photos. Thanks for considering me <3